My Feature in an Online Magazine

4 04 2010

Here is the link to the OTS online magazine.  One of my pics is page 6, then I am featured on pages 82-87.  Thanks Marc and Robin Binder!


Hidden Secrets

3 04 2010

There has always been some profiling and stereotyping that goes along with people with tattoos – especially women.  This set hopefully breaks away from that a little.  I tried to show the model – Sarah, as a working professional-before you saw the tatts.    She has a brain, she goes to college, she can do most anything any other business woman can do-the only difference-she has ink. But that ink covered up, she doesn’t get the weird looks of disgust, apprehensiveness, or the automatic “come hither” looks from guys.

People have their reasons for wearing ink  and having other body modifications done. The meaning of this art is usually significant only to the wearer, but does give the rest of us some cool art to look at.

Click on each pic to enlarge!

Snow Days!

2 03 2010

C’mon now! Don’t laugh! We just don’t get that much snow here in East Texas. But this year we have had quite a bit.  It is beautiful for picture taking, and melts fairly quickly-so we don’t have too many problems the northern states have with lots of snow.

It is great in some ways. When walking around our farm taking landscape shots, I noticed that the snow is like a great big reflector.  In many places where there would normally be deep dark shadows, were light and airy and had lots of detail!

A New Look for Love!

1 01 2010

A Lovely Couple

I love to play with light. This image was taken with an Alien Bees strobe- bare bulb and a 7 inch reflector directly behind the couple. More than 20 shots were taken until I found the sweet spot I was looking for.

Because of the camera angle, the soft light wraps around the young lady’s face and her expression is captured nicely. The profile and the harder shadow shows masculinity in his face.  This is such a great portrait. It shows their closeness as a couple and is a little different than the normal portrait look.  Today’s younger people are looking for something different and you must experiment a little to find that new look.  So now I have another trick to add to my bag.  Continually experimenting with light will pay off!

Downtown Girl

17 10 2009

AGP Amanda Downtown22

Amanda and I shot a few minutes downtown the other day. The light was perfect-really overcast…in essence a gigantic soft box.  I shot natural light because my portable flash was on the blink when we arrived. I would have liked to give her just a slight boost of light in her face and also I then could have lowered the ISO a bit. But they turned out good. Nice soft light and the colors come out well.

Stylin’ and Profilin’

20 09 2009


I thought this was a cool profile shot of Naomi Noelle.  I used a 10 degree grid on an AB800 camera left and made her star into it! (how mean, huh?)  This grid really controls the spill of light but still has hard shadows since it doesn’t diffuse the light.  It makes hard shadows, that  I think,  looks pretty cool. The hat makes the shot also.

Black Widow Shoot Lighting

22 08 2009


I love this shot of Amanda in the Black Widow series we did a week ago.  Mainly because of the lighting-of course she is beautiful,   but her pose and expression just “pops” .

This shot was in an alley in downtown Palestine, Texas.  So room was at a mininum. The distance between the camera and her was no more than about 10 feet.  I had brought my Alien Bees 800s (2) and used a 5 foot softbox camera left and a 47 inch octabank camera right. You can see this by looking closely at the catch lights in her eyes. Usually it is a no no to have two catch lights in the eye, but I don’t think it hurts this image.  They are not the same size or shape and I think it looks pretty good. My opinion though.

I was on location with no power available, so I was using the Vagabond II battery system for both lights. That was the second time I have used it and it was flawless. We shot for almost 2 hours and it never slowed down.  I’m pretty happy with the battery and lighting set up I have.

Ok – you can see the catch lights, and I have told you I brought 2 lights-where is the cool hairlight coming from? The super cheap big light in the sky! The sun was just perfect the day we shot and we just moved Amanda around so it would act as a hair light.  It makes the image mor “finished” looking to me. The sunlight shows the texture of her hair and adds highlights that offset all the dark colors. I cant wait to see this shot printed at about 16×20.  It will rock!