Faux Natural Morning Light

4 03 2010

This shot was actually made about 3pm and on a cloud covered day! The door you see is actually an interior door-it opens into another room-not outside.  So, to make it look like bright daylight-I used my AB800 and 5ft soft box. I put the soft box right in the door frame, filling it up.  Triggered it full power and got the results you see here. Beautiful soft light.  The white draped fabric over the door glass diffused the light, but the burst next to her head gives us a little interest.

You may recognize Amanda by now. I shoot with her quite often and I’m not sure she is capable of a bad picture! She is always so patient when I get on my, “let me try this”  kicks!  Thanks Amanda!



2 11 2009

Composites allow us to change the location of a shoot as well as many other cool effects.  The key is making the images merge in a similar fashion-like exposure levels, lighting directions, saturation, focus and so forth.

This is the original image that we shot downtown with very little post work done. I wanted to make the setting Amanda was in, a little more vibrant- with a little more life in the image.  The cool thing is, that we shot this natural light and as you can see, it was pretty overcast so the light was pretty unidirectional-like a big overhead soft box.

AGP Amanda Downtown14



This is the final image.  The store front was a random shot I took at Olympic Park in Atlanta, while playing with a polarizing filter. But for the image for our model Amanda, it makes a more believable setting for her using her cell phone while shopping or whatnot. The lighting was real close from that day to the day we shot her in Palestine-over 500 miles away and over a year later!


Downtown Girl

17 10 2009

AGP Amanda Downtown22

Amanda and I shot a few minutes downtown the other day. The light was perfect-really overcast…in essence a gigantic soft box.  I shot natural light because my portable flash was on the blink when we arrived. I would have liked to give her just a slight boost of light in her face and also I then could have lowered the ISO a bit. But they turned out good. Nice soft light and the colors come out well.

Black Widow Shoot Lighting

22 08 2009


I love this shot of Amanda in the Black Widow series we did a week ago.  Mainly because of the lighting-of course she is beautiful,   but her pose and expression just “pops” .

This shot was in an alley in downtown Palestine, Texas.  So room was at a mininum. The distance between the camera and her was no more than about 10 feet.  I had brought my Alien Bees 800s (2) and used a 5 foot softbox camera left and a 47 inch octabank camera right. You can see this by looking closely at the catch lights in her eyes. Usually it is a no no to have two catch lights in the eye, but I don’t think it hurts this image.  They are not the same size or shape and I think it looks pretty good. My opinion though.

I was on location with no power available, so I was using the Vagabond II battery system for both lights. That was the second time I have used it and it was flawless. We shot for almost 2 hours and it never slowed down.  I’m pretty happy with the battery and lighting set up I have.

Ok – you can see the catch lights, and I have told you I brought 2 lights-where is the cool hairlight coming from? The super cheap big light in the sky! The sun was just perfect the day we shot and we just moved Amanda around so it would act as a hair light.  It makes the image mor “finished” looking to me. The sunlight shows the texture of her hair and adds highlights that offset all the dark colors. I cant wait to see this shot printed at about 16×20.  It will rock!

Amanda – High Fashion

14 07 2009

agp7090886Looking like something straight away from a popular fashion magazine, Amanda poses in a high fashion type shoot we did together for her portfolio. The lighting was really simple- one bare light with 7 inch reflector above her and in front of her about 12 to 14 inches. It makes for a great look and the shadow is cool too. It adds a little dynamics to the shot and more interest. The seamless background is actually white, but turned grey with the lighting.  It works well with the color of the dress.

agp7090898The hair and makeup was done by Jerry Rogers, a very talented artist. He knows just the right way to mix and fade colors. I am always amazed at his work and look forward to shooting his creations. It works well especially since he had a beautiful canvas like Amanda Suetos to work with.  All three of us had a blast shooting and are very proud of the final results!

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9 07 2009


Sometimes schedules clash. In this case, Amanda (model), makeup and hair artist Jerry and I have had a hard time getting together for a shoot. But when we finally got together last Sunday, we came up with some great images.

The idea for the Geisha look was Amanda’s.  She hasn’t been in front of the camera for several years and wanted to start a new portfolio.  I had to try to come up with a backdrop that would be suitable.  I tried one of those Scene Setter vinyl wall covers like you get for parties and such….ummm, no.   It looked fake and always had a glare. So with a black muslin and freshly cut real bamboo from my place, I made a garden in my living room.

Jerry worked his magic with the make up and hair. It is cool to see the process! He always knows what to do and works fast so we have plenty shooting time. While Amanda was in Hair/Mup we all got to chat and I got to know Amanda a little better before we shot.

I used a large soft box (24×72) camera left at f/11 and a small soft box (18×18) camera right, about f/8. I try to keep it simple! We did shoot many different angles and many different focal lengths, but mostly I stayed fairly wide (24-35mm)

Make sure and check back tomorrow as there are more pics of Amanda from 3 different set and wardrobe changes including some high fashion!  A great start to building her port!


With proper planning and forethought, your session can look like a million bucks too! Go to AdamGraserPhotography.com for more info on photo sessions.”