Hints and Tips

Your Vision – Our Vision

If you are a starting model or looking for senior pictures or a family portrait, you usually will have some kind of “vision” of what you are looking for. Let me know what you “see” and we can discuss how that can be done.  Collaboration is fun and when the image turns out better than imagined, great!

What to Wear

For family portraits,  clothing really needs to be thought through.  Colors and style will make the difference between a so so image and a portrait that will please you for a really long time.  For example – Mom and Dad are wearing Sunday’s best and the kids are wearing the latest rock band t-shirts – it’s just not going to work well.

If you are modeling for a portfolio shot,  let’s discuss what will work well. It will all depend if you are going for a casual street life look or glamorous shot that would grace the pages of Maxim, GQ, Vogue or Elle magazines.

Your Pose

Posing for portraits are different than modeling somewhat.  Portraits are about who you really are, and we will try to make you look as good as we can. Just be yourself-it works well!

Modeling is all about making you look like a client for an ad campaign would want you to look.

Posing is like acting in many ways. You will be asked to try certain expressions, sometimes sit or stand a certain way and may not be all that comfortable. Yet, you cannot show you are uncomfortable. Modeling is like this a lot.

Hair and Makeup

For  Senior portraits, I suggest making yourself up like you are about to step out for the evening. You know more than anyone what makes you comfortable wearing!


If you play a band instrument, have a dog, or there is something in your life that you love-let’s talk about it and see how we can incorporate it into your session.  These types of things show who you are and what type of person you are!


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