For New Models

How I  Shoot

We usually are going to talk or email about a shoot many times before we show up on location. So we will both know what the other is needing or wanting to take away from the shoot in images. The more we talk about the shoot, plan and think about it- the better.

If I am doing a fashion style shoot, I will usually start out full body and we will test lighting and poses a few times, then we will get serious. This will allow both of us to acquaint ourselves with each other.

I will usually give some direction on what I am looking for, or there is something particular that you are  wanting I will try to find the light and the poses that fit.

I am always up for new ideas, so after we have done what we came for specifically, then let’s try something over the top. It usually works out pretty well. Try the new pose you have been working on, or the newest idea for a facial expression …whatever, let’s get it!

What To Expect

If you have never modeled before, don’t sweat it too much. The last thing any photographer needs is a really nervous model-it will show in the images!  Relax, listen to directions, and have fun! There will be lights and tripods and other equipment at the shoot, be careful. There will be plenty light to see your way around and pose. “Pop” goes the flash, move into the next pose and “pop”.

Can I Bring an Escort?

Yes, I am totally comfortable with your escort. Please only bring one, and ask them before the shoot to watch quietly as we shoot. Distractions,and disruptions make it hard for you and I to concentrate and focus on what we are there to do.  I am not a stick in the mud, in fact I love to have fun, but when we shoot, it needs to be model/photographer time.

They are welcome to help with hair makeup and wardrobe if you like, and they are certainly welcome to offer suggestions and ideas-let’s just pick the right times to do it.


Before you go to a shoot, study magazines like Elle, Vogue, Gothic Beauty etc. for posing techniques. You can learn a lot from seeing what is being done currently. Watch the body, the facial expressions, the hand and finger placement.  Practice the poses in a mirror-it sounds funny, and may seem uncomfortable when you do, but if done properly, will look fantastic in the image. Practice, learn new poses and be able to move from one to another gracefully, then practice more!


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