In a new Light

4 01 2010


At mile 322 on the Intracoastal Waterway,  the sun was getting low into the sky and was a weird color (I did tweak it a little in post), but I saw the poles in a different way. I have by this same spot hundreds of times, but they just seemed to look different.  I figure it is  because I have studying different composition elements. They seemed to make a pattern that I havent been paying attention to.  It was kind of like seeing them for the first time.

Look around you and try to see things a little differently. Look at the big picture in front of you, and maybe even squint your eyes a little. Do you see geometric shapes that stand out? Do you see patterns? There is more to just about any scene than you might first see.   Take the time to find something interesting about it by changing perspective, the time of day that you see it, etc.  There may be a great image just waiting to be made there.


Behind The Scenes

3 01 2010

I thought this scene was a little funny-models dressed up in their latest greatest fashions toting bags in the wilderness on location! They seemed a little out of place.  It was unbelievably hot, and the photographers and crews were wearing shorts and t-shirts.

This shot was taken with a phone as we were doing a bike shoot. It was in a parking lot downtown on a Sunday, but we  (I mean she),  got a lot of looks by passers by. With generator running, lights and crew standing all around, and a beautiful girl on a cool bike, what was not to look at?

Most people think that modeling and photography is easy,  just stand there and some guy snaps pics! Not so! There is plenty planning, gear set up and logistics involved. The model takes direction and tries her best to give the photographer what he is looking for.  It is not as glamorous as most think, but it is a lot of fun and rewarding when you are done and see the results of everyone’s hard work.

Doll Face

2 01 2010

I like  still life photography because they hold really, really still- and they don’t seem to mind!  It also gives me a chance to work with the light endlessly.  This doll was made by a  family member and I wanted to photograph it for a book showcasing all the dolls she has made. This shot was made using a strobe with a 10 degree grid and I like the fall off of the light.  The grid allowed me to light the doll like a spot but with soft edges, and  not contaminate the black background with light spill.  Using an umbrella for this application would have given soft light but would have illuminated the background making the black -not so black.  When deciding what light to use in a setting-the method of controlling the light is just as important as the angle, f/stop etc.

A New Look for Love!

1 01 2010

A Lovely Couple

I love to play with light. This image was taken with an Alien Bees strobe- bare bulb and a 7 inch reflector directly behind the couple. More than 20 shots were taken until I found the sweet spot I was looking for.

Because of the camera angle, the soft light wraps around the young lady’s face and her expression is captured nicely. The profile and the harder shadow shows masculinity in his face.  This is such a great portrait. It shows their closeness as a couple and is a little different than the normal portrait look.  Today’s younger people are looking for something different and you must experiment a little to find that new look.  So now I have another trick to add to my bag.  Continually experimenting with light will pay off!