A Long Time Ago! (or it seems like it anyway)

10 11 2009

Model- Betty Bourdeaux

I have been looking through archived images from when I first started shooting. I think any photographer should do that every so often, to see progression, mistakes, what was right, what was wrong and hey-it’s cool to remember “old times”!

This shot of Betty Bourdeaux was taken on 12/15/07 -just shy of 2 years ago. She was the 3rd shoot I’d ever done! I was pretty nervous since I hadn’t done that many shoots and she was somewhat more experienced than I was.  But the shoot went well and we had a great time.

Since then I have shot more than 30 models and some of them numerous times. You get in a groove- but don’t let that groove turn into a rut!  My best advice to new photogs? Study, learn, shoot…then repeat!

If you are a new photographer-plan ahead! Think of everything – the details-like lighting, f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO and white balance settings-then go over it again. Relax and direct the model, but also let her offer up ideas on poses and looks.  Above all-have fun. If your new,  it’s not “do or die” like if you were being paid $10,000 for the shoot by a large agency.

Keep shooting!!!




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