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15 11 2009

Model- Naomi

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Light Bounce

15 11 2009

Model -Rebecca Austin

For this shot, I used one Vivitar 85H flash pointed toward the ceiling of the room.  The light bounces off the white ceiling and fills the room with great soft wrapping light. If I had tried to direct the flash onto the model, any shadows would be harsh, deep and dark.

This method works well when the desired effect matches the type of shot you are looking to make.  But may be too soft for something, for example,  an “industrial” feel that may need more harsh, direct light. It is all up to you and the cool thing is, you can try several ways if you have the time and the model’s patience. Also notice the bracelets- no hard reflections from flash! These large specular high lights (can be seen better in bigger image , of course) keep the attention on the model- not drawing the eye to bright, sparkly things at her wrist.

This shot in color looks good, but looked better black and white. After studying the image for a while in black and white, I decided the model’s  hair needed some color to it and that should also show off the slight high lights in the hair.  I applied a very light brown color that is close to her hair color. The color wash gives the shot a different “twist” that the color or straight black and white did not achieve for me.

A Long Time Ago! (or it seems like it anyway)

10 11 2009

Model- Betty Bourdeaux

I have been looking through archived images from when I first started shooting. I think any photographer should do that every so often, to see progression, mistakes, what was right, what was wrong and hey-it’s cool to remember “old times”!

This shot of Betty Bourdeaux was taken on 12/15/07 -just shy of 2 years ago. She was the 3rd shoot I’d ever done! I was pretty nervous since I hadn’t done that many shoots and she was somewhat more experienced than I was.  But the shoot went well and we had a great time.

Since then I have shot more than 30 models and some of them numerous times. You get in a groove- but don’t let that groove turn into a rut!  My best advice to new photogs? Study, learn, shoot…then repeat!

If you are a new photographer-plan ahead! Think of everything – the details-like lighting, f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO and white balance settings-then go over it again. Relax and direct the model, but also let her offer up ideas on poses and looks.  Above all-have fun. If your new,  it’s not “do or die” like if you were being paid $10,000 for the shoot by a large agency.

Keep shooting!!!


2 11 2009

Composites allow us to change the location of a shoot as well as many other cool effects.  The key is making the images merge in a similar fashion-like exposure levels, lighting directions, saturation, focus and so forth.

This is the original image that we shot downtown with very little post work done. I wanted to make the setting Amanda was in, a little more vibrant- with a little more life in the image.  The cool thing is, that we shot this natural light and as you can see, it was pretty overcast so the light was pretty unidirectional-like a big overhead soft box.

AGP Amanda Downtown14



This is the final image.  The store front was a random shot I took at Olympic Park in Atlanta, while playing with a polarizing filter. But for the image for our model Amanda, it makes a more believable setting for her using her cell phone while shopping or whatnot. The lighting was real close from that day to the day we shot her in Palestine-over 500 miles away and over a year later!