Stylin’ and Profilin’

20 09 2009


I thought this was a cool profile shot of Naomi Noelle.  I used a 10 degree grid on an AB800 camera left and made her star into it! (how mean, huh?)  This grid really controls the spill of light but still has hard shadows since it doesn’t diffuse the light.  It makes hard shadows, that  I think,  looks pretty cool. The hat makes the shot also.


The Wet Look

17 09 2009


I know,  I know…it’s been a while since I have posted. But here is what has been happening-I have slowed down on shooting lately to play catch up on other things around the house-plus…just been plain tired! But hopefully things will pick up soon.

Naomi Noelle is a local model I shot with the other day and when we started talking about shooting, we both wanted some type of water shot.  I have never done shots like that so…he we go!

I set up a vinyl background in the backyard to make sure the background was black, and that there was something more than grass for her to stand on. Next  I tried several variations of water nozzles on hoses to get the rain I wanted. I finally bought two plant watering type nozzles that produced a shower type of flow. I used PVC to make a small frame over where she would stand and then flipped the nozzles up.

I used a cross lighting set up on this one-which was a little tricky because I would get lens flare if I wasn’t in the “right” spot for the shot. I used a 10 degree grid in the back light that was towards the camera (otherwise the flare was bad anywhere I stood for the shot). On the strobe I used to light Naomi, I used a short snoot to control the light spill and spotted on Naomi.

The back light is a rim type light that also “freezes” the water drops. The front light does some freezing action too, but mainly lights Naomi.

This shot definitely had to be done in the summer months as she was cold once the water flowed good. Plenty of cool shots and ideas could come form shooting 3 or 4 hours like this but- there is always another time!

It was fun and interesting to get shots that I have never tried before.  It’s always about “something new”! That is how you learn!