Black Widow Shoot Lighting

22 08 2009


I love this shot of Amanda in the Black Widow series we did a week ago.  Mainly because of the lighting-of course she is beautiful,   but her pose and expression just “pops” .

This shot was in an alley in downtown Palestine, Texas.  So room was at a mininum. The distance between the camera and her was no more than about 10 feet.  I had brought my Alien Bees 800s (2) and used a 5 foot softbox camera left and a 47 inch octabank camera right. You can see this by looking closely at the catch lights in her eyes. Usually it is a no no to have two catch lights in the eye, but I don’t think it hurts this image.  They are not the same size or shape and I think it looks pretty good. My opinion though.

I was on location with no power available, so I was using the Vagabond II battery system for both lights. That was the second time I have used it and it was flawless. We shot for almost 2 hours and it never slowed down.  I’m pretty happy with the battery and lighting set up I have.

Ok – you can see the catch lights, and I have told you I brought 2 lights-where is the cool hairlight coming from? The super cheap big light in the sky! The sun was just perfect the day we shot and we just moved Amanda around so it would act as a hair light.  It makes the image mor “finished” looking to me. The sunlight shows the texture of her hair and adds highlights that offset all the dark colors. I cant wait to see this shot printed at about 16×20.  It will rock!




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