’09 Raider Bike Shoot

14 08 2009


I have waited almost a year to do a shoot with my bike.  I have been waiting until I got some modifications complete and also looking around for the right location and the right model.

We used the parking lot of The UPS Store downtown for the location last Sunday night.  Since I coudn’t very well put the bike in my living room (without risking marital problems) and not having a warehouse, I had to wait until dark to get the lighting like I wanted.

I used a generator for the monolights and floods as well as my laptop I was tethered too.  So with extension cords snaked around and lights everywhere, we were a spectacle on the corner by the Redland’s building- and did even get plenty looks!

Amanda looked great and brought the tone for the images I was looking for, which was somewhat a biker bad girl, but with a little class.  Using a 5  foot softbox horizontally and a 47 in Octabank, there was plenty of light, but the images I like the best, are using only one light. They are much more dramatic. (below)

IMG_0039_1smYou can see the big soft box reflection in the tank and on the rear fender. These specular highlights need to be as large as possible-which means using a large light source. For motorcycles and people, the lights I am using are working nicely, but to photograph something as large as a car, I will have to make bigger light sources (that is in the planning mode).

IMG_0069smThere are many more images to this set, and in time I will post more, but I wanted to get some going here now.

Thanks to my assistant Bobby Sharp and  hair and makeup artist Jerry Rogers. Also thanks go out to Toni,  Christy,  and Beth for their help on set. Many thanks to Amanda for adding her beauty to the images!




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