Natural Light (not the beer)

22 07 2009

YAG113008017Certain times of day just has that “magic light” that photographers love. It’s when the sun gets low in the sky and it is better than any artificial fixture could ever be – If  it is the look that you want.  Direct sun can be tricky to utilize if not exposed for properly. As in Yacine’s portrait above, you see the highlights on his face blown out (overexposed). But the rest of the image is pretty well dead on.

Because a camera doesn’t “see” as many f/stops, or range of light as the human eye does, we have to figure out what we want. A little blown out highlight here and there and the rest of the image properly exposed to show the detail-or-the highlights exposed properly and the rest way too dark? It is a conscious decision we must answer in most natural light situations. It might be easier if the subject was posed where all of his body was in the same light…but that would be pretty boring. So we must make do with the light we have  – or – use a reflector or flash to fill in the dark spots where we need it.

There was no flash or fill from a reflector used here. The lens was a 50mm prime and I dont think the blown out highlights on his cheek harms the image at all. In fact, I think it adds a little drama.




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