Real Steel

16 07 2009

_MG_7621sm This photo was taken in Palestine on what I call “walkabout”. It’s more like drive about, but I do find areas that are interesting then do some walking around and exploring. Many people have photographed this old truck as it has been part of the history of Palestine for many years. But I wanted to try a different angle , or at least investigate the possibilities, so my picture did not look like everyone else’s. I wanted to include the porch of the old building and as as I was standing in the shade looking toward the truck, I saw the possibility. So today we are looking at leading lines as a compositional element.  It is a pretty simple idea. The lines of the porch leads the eye to the truck. It is almost like fingers pointing to the subject.  Look closely also for triangles that point to the truck (in yellow below). Part of the barn makes a triangle and also the farm tools hanging do the same. Just an added bonus!

Finally, the barn itself  (camera left) helps frame the subject. We have already discussed framing as an element and along with the leading lines of the porch, there almost cannot be any argument about my intentions of the subject for this image.


Try to take your time and walk around your subject. Get down low, climb up on something, can you get a different perspective than every one else? How many compositional elements can you include to make this image you are about to make better? It is easy to walk up to a subject and point and shoot…be better than just a snapshot!




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