Amanda – High Fashion

14 07 2009

agp7090886Looking like something straight away from a popular fashion magazine, Amanda poses in a high fashion type shoot we did together for her portfolio. The lighting was really simple- one bare light with 7 inch reflector above her and in front of her about 12 to 14 inches. It makes for a great look and the shadow is cool too. It adds a little dynamics to the shot and more interest. The seamless background is actually white, but turned grey with the lighting.  It works well with the color of the dress.

agp7090898The hair and makeup was done by Jerry Rogers, a very talented artist. He knows just the right way to mix and fade colors. I am always amazed at his work and look forward to shooting his creations. It works well especially since he had a beautiful canvas like Amanda Suetos to work with.  All three of us had a blast shooting and are very proud of the final results!

With proper planning and forethought, your session can look like a million bucks too! Go to for more info on photo sessions.”




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