A Natural Beauty

10 07 2009

agp7090810Today we are looking at a beauty shot from Amanda’s shoot.  It’s a close up that resembles something from a leading beauty magazine, and that is exactly what we wanted. But just getting close up is not the only requirement. There are some compositional and lighting elements that need to happen.

Here, Amanda’s face is framed by her hair. The hair is darker than the face, so the eye “sees” the hair but focuses attention on her face.

Her face is well lit (about f/8) and the highlights on her lips and in her eyes make for a glamorous image.  You guessed it, I used a large octabox camera right and placed it where I wanted the highlights in her eyes. It makes the image come “alive” if you will.

She is facing directly into the 47 inch octabox which makes the lighting a little “flat”, but that is perfect for a closeup like this. It tends to even out the makeup and colors. There is a bit of modeling to the face which gives some depth, but generally, pretty flat.

The background is white, as you can see. It is a large softbox (30x 72). I tried this to see if it would be easier to use it instead of  white seamless and the whole “lighting it perfectly even” thing.

All in all, Amanda got some great images to add to her port that show her natural beauty.

With proper planning and forethought, your session can look like a million bucks too! Go to AdamGraserPhotography.com for more info on photo sessions.”




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11 07 2009

She’s stunning.

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