9 07 2009


Sometimes schedules clash. In this case, Amanda (model), makeup and hair artist Jerry and I have had a hard time getting together for a shoot. But when we finally got together last Sunday, we came up with some great images.

The idea for the Geisha look was Amanda’s.  She hasn’t been in front of the camera for several years and wanted to start a new portfolio.  I had to try to come up with a backdrop that would be suitable.  I tried one of those Scene Setter vinyl wall covers like you get for parties and such….ummm, no.   It looked fake and always had a glare. So with a black muslin and freshly cut real bamboo from my place, I made a garden in my living room.

Jerry worked his magic with the make up and hair. It is cool to see the process! He always knows what to do and works fast so we have plenty shooting time. While Amanda was in Hair/Mup we all got to chat and I got to know Amanda a little better before we shot.

I used a large soft box (24×72) camera left at f/11 and a small soft box (18×18) camera right, about f/8. I try to keep it simple! We did shoot many different angles and many different focal lengths, but mostly I stayed fairly wide (24-35mm)

Make sure and check back tomorrow as there are more pics of Amanda from 3 different set and wardrobe changes including some high fashion!  A great start to building her port!


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9 07 2009
9 07 2009

Thanks. Interesting. Now I.m beginning to understand some advice about staying away from this sort of photography if one uses photography with another mindset. Still–nice photos for the portfolio. Hope the Geisha likes them!

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