True Blue

25 06 2009

20080728_IMG_0538smMakeup artist and hair dresser Jerry Rogers and I made a trip down to Houston to shoot.  This portrait will not appeal to many, but I think it has a certain quality about it that makes it special to me.

A photographer sets the tone for a shoot.  By that I mean, when everyone gets together, whatever mood the photographer is in usually gets translated into his/her work by the model. If the photog is happy, excited, stressed, whatever-that shows in the images. After several hours of shooting, we had all gotten to know each other more and everyone was a bit more relaxed. This image was taken at the end of about a 6 hour day of shooting. This style of fantasy/concept makeup just wouldn’t work with a silly grin or a cheesy pose.  So in this case, simple is best and we let the makeup-hair and her relaxed expression tell the story. (which is all up to the viewer to decide what the story is)  There was really no intended message or editorial line that we were trying to convey…it’s just a cool picture of a girl in some artsy makeup.  But if this image “speaks” to someone-then great. We were in the market for something different when we shot this…and I think we acheived just that.




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