24 06 2009

agp62409115Lucas wanted something creative, so after learning she was a singer/guitar player, I quickly set up for these shots. Borrowing a guitar, a mic and stand from my son, we grabbed these really cool shots.  No, it’s not on a stage, these were shot in my living room! What is cool is the lack of light (the black negative space) plays a very important role in the top photo. The mind places her on a stage. The eye sees a girl singing into a mic, and colored lights in the background…so she is on a stage. Trickery, you say! Yep, photography is mostly illusion-cool or what? The top photo was one monolight with a 20 degree baffle and the colored floods against a black backdrop.

agp62409137In this photo, I added a 47 inch octabox 90 degrees to Lucas (camera right) and faced it to her and a tad bit towards the camera to get some of the lens flare. A great addition I think. It adds  a spotlight look to the “stage”.

We then added movement-a little headbangin’ to some music we had playing while we shot.  Catching her hair movement adds another element to this image. Sound! So now we can almost “hear” the guitar screaming notes out of a large stack of amplifiers! It also gives a sense of depth to the image of Lucas and her passion for music.

With proper planning and forethought, your session can look like a million bucks too! Go to for more info on photo sessions.”




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