True Blue

25 06 2009

20080728_IMG_0538smMakeup artist and hair dresser Jerry Rogers and I made a trip down to Houston to shoot.  This portrait will not appeal to many, but I think it has a certain quality about it that makes it special to me.

A photographer sets the tone for a shoot.  By that I mean, when everyone gets together, whatever mood the photographer is in usually gets translated into his/her work by the model. If the photog is happy, excited, stressed, whatever-that shows in the images. After several hours of shooting, we had all gotten to know each other more and everyone was a bit more relaxed. This image was taken at the end of about a 6 hour day of shooting. This style of fantasy/concept makeup just wouldn’t work with a silly grin or a cheesy pose.  So in this case, simple is best and we let the makeup-hair and her relaxed expression tell the story. (which is all up to the viewer to decide what the story is)  There was really no intended message or editorial line that we were trying to convey…it’s just a cool picture of a girl in some artsy makeup.  But if this image “speaks” to someone-then great. We were in the market for something different when we shot this…and I think we acheived just that.


Cool Pool!

24 06 2009

RA185Rebecca wanted some pool shots, so in the heart of Texas (Austin) we shot at an indoor pool at a really nice hotel.  The indoor pool was pretty cool as the large bowl fountain you see hung at one end of the pool. The hard part was mixing the types of light. You see, the flash on her face is a different temperature than the pool lights which gives off a more reddish tint. It worked okay here because her skin could handle the warmer tone. Some flourescents can give off a blue or green color-so I am glad that was not in the mix!

The hardest part about shooting at the pool was the looks she got from a couple in the hot tub across the way!

RA152Okay-so now you have some obligatory swimsuit shots fellas!


24 06 2009

agp62409115Lucas wanted something creative, so after learning she was a singer/guitar player, I quickly set up for these shots. Borrowing a guitar, a mic and stand from my son, we grabbed these really cool shots.  No, it’s not on a stage, these were shot in my living room! What is cool is the lack of light (the black negative space) plays a very important role in the top photo. The mind places her on a stage. The eye sees a girl singing into a mic, and colored lights in the background…so she is on a stage. Trickery, you say! Yep, photography is mostly illusion-cool or what? The top photo was one monolight with a 20 degree baffle and the colored floods against a black backdrop.

agp62409137In this photo, I added a 47 inch octabox 90 degrees to Lucas (camera right) and faced it to her and a tad bit towards the camera to get some of the lens flare. A great addition I think. It adds  a spotlight look to the “stage”.

We then added movement-a little headbangin’ to some music we had playing while we shot.  Catching her hair movement adds another element to this image. Sound! So now we can almost “hear” the guitar screaming notes out of a large stack of amplifiers! It also gives a sense of depth to the image of Lucas and her passion for music.

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Texan all the way!

24 06 2009


Angie T. wanted to do something in the style of a Texas cowgirl,  so it seemed fitting that we shoot downtown in Palestine.  Here she poses in front of the Buckhorn Saloon, a great backdrop for her idea. Two monolights were used – a large octabox and bare bulb with 7 inch dish.

The mosquitos were horrible a Angie was trying to pose. Almost comical, she would brush the mosquitos of her legs then quickly pose.  As soon as the flash popped she was shooing bugs again.  We got many shots even though the bugs were bad.

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12 06 2009


Lucas is a new model I got the chance to work with a few days ago. Very much a blast to be around! While still working on her modeling skills- she did an awesome job of “changing it up” for me when we shot. She knew how to keep basically the same pose but change expressions, turn her head and slightly tweak a pose. The word here is variety!  I thought this set looked great for the images we planned to achieve.  Most wouldn’t know that this pic was made in my living room.

Shot at f/8 and 250th of a second shutter speed. Large octabox camera right and strobe above flowers with 10 degree baffle to make the flowers pop a little more.

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