Remnants of A Kiss

23 05 2009


The subline for this blog says ” images,discussion, and experiments” – here’s one for the experiment category!

Sami and Carson are a couple and you have seen several shots of Sami before on this blog.  This shot was made from an idea we came up with and sort of winged it-but hey,  that’s how you learn-it’s part of the process.  I used a 50mm f1.8 lens and ISO was up around 800.  I used a 24 inch blacklight and just a hint of a red gelled incandescent flood. (focusing in this low light was a real challenge!)

Sami had applied a fluorescent makeup on her lips and gave ol’ Carson a smooch.  Then came the shot. I handheld at about 1/60th of a second (if I remember correctly). As you can see it is pretty grainy-result from the the high ISO, but I don’t think it kills the mood, or idea.  Definitely an experiment, and it has its merits as an art form I suppose.  Next time, I would use a tripod, and maybe have a camera that works well at the ISO so as to cut the grain. Yes, I could get most of the grain out in post processing-but then it would look like it had, and that is not good either. I always try to get the shot as close to right, and use as little processing as possible.

So-take it or leave it-like it or not, it was an experiment.  I learned that working with blacklight is difficult but can achieve a new look that I had not seen much of.  Just need to work out some of the bugs and try again.




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