A Free Spirit

23 05 2009
Model - Marinella Boggio

Model - Marinella Boggio

Fashion photography is all about making the clothes look inviting.  How it “could” look on you. Take a look  at this dress closely. It has some detail that is nice, but not necessarily a one-off designer peice. Marinella makes the dress come alive by her pose and her use of movement and the available wind. She makes the dress flow. Easily she could have stood there with a straight on look into the lens and yes, there could have been a shot made. That shot could go into a catalog, and maybe someone would have bought the dress.  But with the experience she has,  she knew,  that to sell the dress, she had to make the dress look as good as possible.  She sets a tone- or mood (yes, I am big on that as you might have noticed). That tone is usually set by the client, how they determine an ad campaign should look. For this shot, it was all her. She decided before hand what she wanted to “say” with this dress. It is her interpretation. She even added the head band, which I think is good for this picture.




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