22 05 2009


We are going to stray from people pictures today because I like this image and it is a great example of using frames within a frame.

For a while we have been talking about compositional elements and we have added several to our repertoir. This element is a sure fire way to focus attention to a subject. Frames keep the eye from wandering too much, and especially outside the image.  I was at the Tyler Zoo and walked up on this scene. I took many shots and picked this one as a favorite because it had such good color, content, and the use of the frame was good.

The frame is the tree leaves here,  but it could be a doorway,  a person’s arms or many other things. The point is to frame the subject and draw attention to it. The leaves in this picture are blurred as they are in the foreground, so the eye recognizes what they are, but would rather find something that is in focus to look at.  Once the eye is wandering around in the picture, the mind knows what is at the borders and stays within the focused part of the image.  Even the vegetation on either side of the waterfall works too. So actually there are 2 frames within a frame!




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