Justified Staring!

14 05 2009


There are a few times when I am shooting and I stop and say “wow!” Then I have to compose myself and get the shot before it’s gone. This was one of them.

Marianela is one of those models that just makes an image greater than you expect.  You can see the pose is perfect in this situation as she is very comfortable-in what she is wearing, and her surroundings.  The flash is camera right at about a 45 degree to her and I figured it would be a little harsh. But it works here as it gives great contrast and lights her and the vegetation in a unit.

This image is not necessarily a fashion shot as much as it as glamor. It shows the model more than the swimsuit. It features her and a mood.  It portrays a touch of class and elegance.

Once again direct attention to the pose. Very flowing, although her arms break up the lines around her head and shoulders, that’s good as the eye needs to spend a moment there before moving.

The lighting draws attention to the subject since the background is not lit as much as foreground. (A really big element in composition)  You can see the background, you can tell what it is, and it plays a big role in the image. But the eye continues to come back to the subject because it is lit better. The eye seeks well lit items-it’s just easier to see.

I am very happy with this image. One of my best so far I think. Marienala did a great job and keep watching as there are many more of her coming!

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