21 04 2009

ChelsieCurves are a important compositional element, especially in glamour and fashion photography. The shot of Chelsie above is a great example of a curve that her body has created in the frame. Her face and eyes are the first thing
that the viewer sees, normally to determine if the viewer recognizes the subject. (it’s always cool to know someone in a great photo!)
Then the eye wanders down towards the bottom of the frame. Along the way though, the eye has a path to follow. This makes the image more pleasing to look at. Yes, she is certainly beautiful, but even an image of a pretty girl or perfect landscape is hard to look at if some compositional standards are not met. People will look, but not for long, then will turn to the next page in the magazine or direct attention to another, more pleasing image. Even if the next picture is of a snake (which is not at all pretty in my opinion), but is composed better and interesting, the snake  wins!
What does all this mean? For the model, learning to generate curves with their body to make an image “flow”, or retain attention of the viewer is key. To the photographer, we must learn to compose images that will make the viewers eye focus on the intended subject, and create a mood or emotion. Moods and emotions can generally equal sales to an advertisor.   In the modeling / print / ad world, the viewer makes decisions if he/she likes or dislikes the garment, or other product (shoes, handbags etc.) When the image entices the viewers sense of style or other emotions, it is successful.
This image could be a great cologne ad, or maybe some other beauty product. If there was a picture of the cologne bottle included here, this picture would set the tone for it. The subliminal message could be, “beautiful people use this product”, or better yet, “using this product will make you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.”
Movies and commercials use moving pictures and sound to make us “feel” certain things. I enjoy still/print images because your mind must fill in the blanks…and if an image moves you to feel an emotion, or makes you open your wallet-that’s mighty powerfull photography!Chelsie 2




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