5 04 2009

RennyRenny 2What a pleasure shooting Renny! It started out a little rocky as she was not quit sure about the lights and all, but

she quickly warmed up to the idea.  Her mom helped her with some motivation and poses, and soon, she was into the whole taking pictures thing.

I tether to a laptop so we can see pictures instantly after the shot is made. It turned out to be a pretty cool game to allow Renny to see the pics after she posed.  So as it turned out, I would shoot 3 and she was excited to run to the laptop to see what she had done.

I like how the seamless paper backdrops keep the background simple as it allows Renny to be the subject without any interference.  A 47inch ocatabox softbox was used camera left as the key light, and a 24inch square sofbox lit the seamless from camera right.     




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