Springtime Walkabout

3 04 2009

I took a couple hours down at the Davey Dogwood Park in Palestine to capture some springtime images.  I was almost too late as the Dogwoods have already bloomed, bleached and started to wither some. Some tree are already dropping their petals. But I did manage to get a few shots of some good ones that are left this week.

It was about 10:00am when I shot these and the sunlight was great, as the outing was. There were a few people at the park doing their morning walks, but it was really pretty quiet, and that made it enjoyable.

On they way from the park, I swung around close to the library and found a house that had some beautiful flowers on the sidewalk,  so out I went to to get ’em! I haven’t done much nature (flowers) tyrpe of work , so this little trip with the camera was pretty fun and I believe I got a few good ones.

After leaving downtown I was headed back to the house when I noticed a patch of Bluebonnets along side the road out on FM320. There happen to be n older gentleman out in his backyard tending to his trash burning, so I stopped in to see about shooting.

Mr. Cartwright was a pleasure to meet, and he told me he gets requests like this all the time. He has had a photog with a model in tow stop by to shoot. He was quick to let me know that the model was very pretty.

So, as I was laying down, in the dirt, beside a busy highway, I did get to appreciate the bluebonnets waving in the breeze as a car would zing past.

Lots of colors today, even a few bees as subjects, met a nice guy…pretty good for a little time away.




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