21 04 2009

ChelsieCurves are a important compositional element, especially in glamour and fashion photography. The shot of Chelsie above is a great example of a curve that her body has created in the frame. Her face and eyes are the first thing
that the viewer sees, normally to determine if the viewer recognizes the subject. (it’s always cool to know someone in a great photo!)
Then the eye wanders down towards the bottom of the frame. Along the way though, the eye has a path to follow. This makes the image more pleasing to look at. Yes, she is certainly beautiful, but even an image of a pretty girl or perfect landscape is hard to look at if some compositional standards are not met. People will look, but not for long, then will turn to the next page in the magazine or direct attention to another, more pleasing image. Even if the next picture is of a snake (which is not at all pretty in my opinion), but is composed better and interesting, the snake  wins!
What does all this mean? For the model, learning to generate curves with their body to make an image “flow”, or retain attention of the viewer is key. To the photographer, we must learn to compose images that will make the viewers eye focus on the intended subject, and create a mood or emotion. Moods and emotions can generally equal sales to an advertisor.   In the modeling / print / ad world, the viewer makes decisions if he/she likes or dislikes the garment, or other product (shoes, handbags etc.) When the image entices the viewers sense of style or other emotions, it is successful.
This image could be a great cologne ad, or maybe some other beauty product. If there was a picture of the cologne bottle included here, this picture would set the tone for it. The subliminal message could be, “beautiful people use this product”, or better yet, “using this product will make you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.”
Movies and commercials use moving pictures and sound to make us “feel” certain things. I enjoy still/print images because your mind must fill in the blanks…and if an image moves you to feel an emotion, or makes you open your wallet-that’s mighty powerfull photography!Chelsie 2


Past Moments

10 04 2009

Lilith Color

Lilith 2While the Dogwoods were still around, Lilith wanted to do a shoot incorporating them. She has a certain look that I like for these types of images, and we had planned in doing only black and white, but after shooting, there were some I just had to leave color.

While planning the shoot, we discussed the idea of a dress that had an antique look.  We kept the makeup pretty simple, and let the mood of the surroundings lead the shoot.  She has a look of royalty, and elegance that works for pictures like these. The poses were great as they were a little on the fashion side, showing the dress off with some editorial style.

Tip: Looking for dated fashions like this for shoots is actually kind of difficult, but you can try E-bay, garage sales, thrift stores for good buys.  Lilith found this dress at a local costume shop!


10 04 2009

CagedRaven was the first model I ever shot with, almost 2 years ago.  We have both learned a lot since we got our first images together too. The other day we shot (which we hadn’t gotten to do in many months) and we wanted something pretty edgey. I think we got it…a little Goth, a little fashion,  a little art-all mixed in.  She has cut her hair off since the first shoots we had done, and I think it is fitting, especially for this type of image.  She has great skin and every time we shoot I try to capture her blue eyes as they really are very beautiful in person.


5 04 2009

RennyRenny 2What a pleasure shooting Renny! It started out a little rocky as she was not quit sure about the lights and all, but

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09 Prom Fashions

3 04 2009

A couple of shots of some high style for Prom over at Westwood High.  We had planned on shooting at Reagan’s Park, but it was very windy, and the air was certainly chilled! We made do over at the Chamber of Commerce in downtown though.

The dress,  the shoes, and tie was painted by Lauren.  Alex and Lauren both look great, and there was no chance of looking like everyone else at Prom.  I hear she is looking to study art/design/photography at college next year, and I am sure she will do well.  Left up to me to paint clothes…that would have been disastrous, but she pulled it off with such flair.

ALex and Lauren - Prom FashionALex and Lauren Prom 09

Springtime Walkabout

3 04 2009

I took a couple hours down at the Davey Dogwood Park in Palestine to capture some springtime images.  I was almost too late as the Dogwoods have already bloomed, bleached and started to wither some. Some tree are already dropping their petals. But I did manage to get a few shots of some good ones that are left this week.

It was about 10:00am when I shot these and the sunlight was great, as the outing was. There were a few people at the park doing their morning walks, but it was really pretty quiet, and that made it enjoyable.

On they way from the park, I swung around close to the library and found a house that had some beautiful flowers on the sidewalk,  so out I went to to get ’em! I haven’t done much nature (flowers) tyrpe of work , so this little trip with the camera was pretty fun and I believe I got a few good ones.

After leaving downtown I was headed back to the house when I noticed a patch of Bluebonnets along side the road out on FM320. There happen to be n older gentleman out in his backyard tending to his trash burning, so I stopped in to see about shooting.

Mr. Cartwright was a pleasure to meet, and he told me he gets requests like this all the time. He has had a photog with a model in tow stop by to shoot. He was quick to let me know that the model was very pretty.

So, as I was laying down, in the dirt, beside a busy highway, I did get to appreciate the bluebonnets waving in the breeze as a car would zing past.

Lots of colors today, even a few bees as subjects, met a nice guy…pretty good for a little time away.