Lifestyle Senior Pictures

23 03 2009


My youngest son Alex is a senior this year, and when I wanted to do some pictures,  it was a given that we would do something with guitars/music since that is a really big part of his life.  That is the whole purpose for senior pictures in my opinion- to capture that young person in a point in their life that is pivotal.  They are close to being on their own or college bound,  and in any case all grown up.

Years ago, senior pics were mostly a cookie cutter style picture that was posted in a year book.  Everyone wore about the same outfits, the poses were the same. Now days,  individuality is the key word. In Alex’s case, music is his life…it is what he loves, and will make his living with in his future. So I wanted to capture his passion, and at the same time , show everyone what I see everyday when I see him-a dedicated young man that is passionate about music.  I think this portrait evokes just that. Alex is a pretty reserved and calm guy, so the lighting and mood of the image reflects that. He is pretty laid back-not too formal-so sitting atop his amp while playing was really pretty natural.  It is exactly how he plays his gigs at the local Magnolia Cafe downtown.  He is kind of shy, so this picture with his head down and his attention directed to his music, was also very natural.

So all together, this portrait is as close to the real Alex as it gets. I think that is why I  like it so much.  We included this picture in his school’s yearbook, so others will remember him years from now the same way.

The word portrait these days seems synonymos with reality, so when I shoot a portrait,  I try to capture  the person for who they are.




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