How I Did It!

23 03 2009

EmmaThis is the same guitar that is in my previous post.  “Emma” as she is named,  is one one of my son’s favorite guitars to play.  One night my wife and I decided to goof around with lighting and see what we could get.

We wound up using 3 flash heads, (Vivatar 285H), two of them had snoots which tightens the light almost like a spotlight and can be directed to a certain spot.  Soin this final picture you see, you are seeing a flash behind the guitar that is directed at the backdrop which is red seamless paper.  There is a flash unit camera left that is lighting the guitar body.  And finally, there is another snooted flash camera right that is lighting the headstock. The coolest part is the shadow of the headstock. It took quite a few tries to get this final image, (60 shots) but we were happy with the results when we got it “perfect”.




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