The Soft Focus Debate

18 01 2009

Sami, originally uploaded by Adam G Photography.

I have been seeing quite a bit of debate on the use of soft focus in today’s photography. Even though not maybe in the current trend, it still works for some types of photos.
Soft focus was used pretty heavy in the ’80s. I can remember some men’s magazines using it quite heavily. Many portrait studios used it, and even the local mall glamour studio used it. The lighting and soft focus effect shown in this picture with Sami sets a tone, or mood. Sexy and seductive. In family portraits, it could relay a sense of warmth, or togetherness.
By today’s standards, this effect is not much used as people want to seemingly inspect every pore and skin defect of the subject. But, to each his own I guess.
I still like this effect, used in moderation, of course. When Sami and I were discussing this shoot, I knew I had to try it. The effect makes her skin really smooth, and the entire scene is sort of dreamy-just what Christmas and beautiful women can be!




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