Get Your Face Out There!

18 01 2009

Model - Angie T.

There are many ways to market yourself as a model. Here are a few tips that can help you with your everyday quest for modeling jobs using  a fairly inexpensive internet method.
Get an online portfolio with one of the major players in the field. Sites like Model Mayhem, One Model Place, and One Talent Source are great for finding photographers, hair stylist, make up artists
Building your portfolio, making contacts, and eyeballing what others are doing. Find a model site that suits your needs and genre of modeling, then stick with it for a while. I have three portfolios going right now and it is quite a task to juggle, but there are two I use the most to find models, and 1 I use more than the other. But all of these encompass a lot of models to choose from and each site has it strong points and weaknesses.
All of these have a free, or “starter” portfolio level that allows you to use the basics of what the site has to offer . You can start with these, then move up to being a premium member when you deem necessary. Most of the premium services include allowing more of your pictures to be uploaded, or other services that make it easier for you to find people or people to find you.
Once you fill out the profile information and upload some of your best pictures, go snoop around a bit. Look at what other models, photographers are doing. Do you see trends? Is there something they are doing that you want to try, or could do a better job with? Look closely and determine why some models are doing better than others. It may be because they “work” the net hard, or their experience level. Try to learn something from their pictures.
Being active is the best policy on these sites. Comment on other’s pictures,  many will make comments on yours.  That is like free advertising because your avatar is seen by more people.  But be real about your comments.! Tag people, send messages, look at casting calls etc. The more active you are, the more doors may open for you. If you do nothing, expect nothing.  Also, make sure your avatar is a strong picture. It will get noticed, or it may get glossed over all depending on your selection. Many times I have plenty of emails to reply to, shoots to book and so forth after I have spent considerable time on one of these sites. But as soon as I stop looking around and “getting myself out there”,  it all dries up until the next time I get busy  again.
See the link page for more sites that support model/photographer interaction.
Good luck and get your face out there!




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