Model Tip #1 Have a Plan

13 10 2008

Fall Air, originally uploaded by Adam G Photography.

Anything that is worth doing, is worth spending some time thinking about, thinking it through, and making a plan of action. Many people want to model, but don’t know how or where to start, much less, have goals to work towards. There is a difference between modeling and just making some cool pictures. You may model or pose for cool pictures, but modeling usually is synonymous with posing for pictures that will be used in print, or walking down the runway…for pay.
So if you have figured out you want to model on a commercial level, how are you going to get noticed? Where will you find work? What style of modeling are you interested in? Do I need to find an agency to represent me, or can I do this on my own?
There are few questions I have listed, but those only start a long list of details you must map out if you are to have a career in modeling. Start working on your plan…now! Don’t just haphazardly let things happen, make things happen the way you want them to.
Online there are a bazillion places to get a business plan template. Yes, modeling IS a business. Download one and start working your way through it. Some of the items may not apply to modeling, but most of it will. Answer the questions honestly and thoroughly. You may find you need help with items here and there. You may also find out that there is more to modeling than just showing up for a shoot and collecting a check.
Your plan should include short and long range goals. 1 year… 5 years down the road. Then set out to achieve those goals. Rarely is anything going to happen without a lot of work, effort, planning and networking on your part. (It’s kind of like the photography business!)
After all this work on planning and investigating the business, you may find that commercial modeling may not be what you want to do. That’s great too! Some love doing tests and the possibilities of making some great images while having a great time. It is a great hobby. There is nothing wrong with that either. But if you are serious about commercial modeling, dive in and learn all you can, Plan and achieve your goals!


On 3

7 10 2008

On 3, originally uploaded by Adam G Photography.

Kat is the model and fairly new at it-but doing a great job, and learning fast. We did a lot of standard shots and then decided t try something a little different. The gray seamless lets the black and white of the outfit “pop” and gives good separation.
This shot has sort of an edgy-catalog look to it. She is not shy in trying poses and I think will quickly get more comfortable with modeling. You must know how to control your body as well as your face to get a point across.

Woman’s Best Friend

7 10 2008

, originally uploaded by Adam G Photography.

Model, Samantha, came to Palestine to do a shoot at Well’s Cycle. We shot for a while and the owner of the shop, Rex, offered his cool dog for a few frames. This is the first frame we did. All the rest were just not right. I have a healthy respect for people who work with animals as they are sometimes difficult to get to hold still, sit, stay…
Rio, the dog, is the coolest, and everyone who knows him always seeks him out when they come to the shop. What a great pic!

Hello world!

7 10 2008

Welcome to AdamG Photography! There are so many topics to cover, and although many of these topics have been discussed many times before, I will throw out my take on them. That is how you get to know who I am, as a person, as an artist/photographer.  Feel free to comment on the topics and ask questions too.

There is no “one” way to photograph an image.  there are many schools of thought, and that is a good thing, or the pool of millions of images that have been taken and the billions that will come after we are all gone would be pretty boring to say the least.

Some images are “hits” to many, some will only be appreciated by a select few, that is the beauty of photography, as is any art form.